Austin Texas based photographer born in Kenya, raised in Kuwait and currently living in USA, His interest in photography began at the age of twelve. In developing his unique style he has gained a reputation for quality in a variety of commercial mediums from studio portraits to fashion shots, underwater photography to food photography. But his passion for his art can perhaps best found in his mostly black and white images. Combining the elements of environment and people, they celebrate the continuity of life and take the viewer on a sensory journey of sound, texture and movement. His ability to capture a multitude of sensation in a single image stimulates our memories, transforming the difference of other cultures into familiarity. "I prefer black and white because it concentrates on light, form and texture without the distraction of color and content and meaning is left up to the viewer's imagination". Arfan believes that there is always a history to a place and always a story behind a person. He wants his photographs to remind people of our past and from where we belong. Even though history is past but it still influences our everyday lives. It is the timelessness that he try to capture.

Basic CMYK